Of the world’s 1.5 billion young people, 1.3 billion live in the developing world. Of those, 132 million children are out of school and at least 250 million children who should have reached grade 4 cannot read or write. The next Einstein is likely to be in the developing world, but may never reach her potential without access to quality education. Impact(Ed) International is helping to improve learning and level the playing field for all people, no matter where they live.

Every $1 invested in education and skills
creates $10 of economic growth.

Over the last four decades, the global increase in women’s
education has prevented more than 4 million child deaths.

Investments in education for girls could boost
agricultural output in sub-Sahara Africa by 25%.

Poverty could be eradicated for 12% of the population of
developing nations if all students had basic reading skills.

Global Responsibility

Parents everywhere want the same thing for their children—a quality, relevant, safe education. In 2000, the world championed this right like never before when 189 nations pledged to achieve universal primary education by 2015.

Millenium Goals

Despite early successes, progress stalled. In August 2014, with only 500 days left to reach the millennium goal, 58 million children remained out of school. In response, the global community rallied to action.

Shifting Paradigm

To get education back on track, the focus of international education efforts are shifting from access to quality. By working together to provide “quality education for all,” we can change the face of education around the world.