Education is key to social and economic empowerment. Impact(Ed) International,  Discovery Learning Alliance, is a nonprofit organization using the power of media to transform education and improve lives in developing areas. Together with public and private sector partners, we are improving student learning and teacher effectiveness in the classroom, reaching millions through mass media distribution and empowering communities with transformative educational opportunities.

Watch this video to learn about our work in school communities across Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria, as part of the UK Government’s Girls’ Education Challenge Initiative to keep marginalized girls in school and learning.

Impact(Ed) increases student learning and teacher effectiveness by establishing dynamic Learning Centers in existing schools.

Sustainable Technology

Without adequate resources, schools struggle to provide quality education. Impact(Ed) equips resource-limited schools with sustainable technology – such as a TV and DVD player – and provides specialized training to ensure its maintenance and maximize its effectiveness in the classroom.

Extensive Teacher Training

Empowering local educators multiplies impact. Impact(Ed) helps teachers improve their skills and confidence with extensive teacher training on leadership, student-centered learning, gender responsive pedagogy, media-supported education, parent engagement and more.

Award-Winning Videos

Impact(Ed) creates a wide range of video content that brings learning to life for students in marginalized communities. Our video programs are produced in collaboration with local educators, customized into the language of instruction and mapped to the local curriculum.

Through community outreach and training, schools become centers of learning for the whole community – a catalyst to address issues including HIV/AIDS, girls’ education, malnutrition and the environment.

Student Clubs

To engage out-of-school children, Impact(Ed) is creating student clubs that support access to education by bringing targeted educational opportunities into the communities.

Community Action Plans

Impact(Ed) trains community members to develop their own action plans to address local needs, such as barriers to education, community heath and micro-enterprise.

Impact(Ed) reaches tens of millions through mass media initiatives addressing critical education, development and health issues.

“Inside Story”

Our award-winning, feature-length movie “Inside Story” brought together an all-star, pan-African cast in a compelling story of football, love, and HIV/AIDS. With theatrical premieres, broadcasts and grassroots screenings, it is now the most watched film in Africa, empowering hundreds of millions with knowledge and broadcast to over 330 million people in Africa. Learn more.

Talk Shows

Produced by the Discovery Project ― a partnership between Discovery Communications, the UK Department for International Development and Impact(Ed) ― the Discovery+ national talk shows in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria reached 110 million viewers, engaging and inspiring audiences, while emphasizing the value of education, especially for girls.

“The Lucky Specials”

Each year, tuberculosis (TB) kills more than one million people globally. Impact(Ed)’s award-winning feature film, “The Lucky Specials” is a tale of personal courage and redemption that’s helped millions across the world see, understand and respond to TB. Learn more.